While I had intended this blog post to be about writing (my love of editing, to  be specific), I’ve been finding it very hard to focus on my intended topic. In fact, I’ve found it hard to focus, in general, since Thursday. Life gets busy, you know? There’s my new job, the start of school, and finding a way to balance longer hours with my adult responsibilities.

But then, maybe it’s just Foggy.

That is… our new kitten, Foggy.

Hubby and I adopted a kitten last week.

Finding a perfect little buddy to add to our family has been a journey of its own, between finding a kitten we connected with, getting Misty (our precious snuggle monster) up to date on her shots, and getting our application in before anyone else (we missed a couple of potential cats by not pulling the trigger fast enough, but as Foggy purrs, asleep in my lap as I write this, I’ve accepted those losses). Right now, we’re at the tricky introduction stage where old cat and new cat must be doted on and assured that the “tiny squirrel” in the sunroom isn’t going to threaten the stability of the food supply, nor will the “furry turkey” beyond the wall devour interlopers in the night.

It’s tricky, balancing time between two potentially jealous tinies (is this what parenthood is like?), but hubby and I are getting the hang of things. Speaking of hanging on things (or at least, “finding an excuse to talk about kitten antics”), Foggy doesn’t always make it easy to split time evenly, as his half usually consists of half plus however long it takes to keep me from escaping my enclosure, new humans! Just yesterday, I came upstairs to see how he was doing and found him in the kitchen, camping between my chair and the kitchen cart. He gave me a proud chin nod as if to say “‘Sup. I found the eating room!” On our way back to his pen, I asked him how in the world he had climbed out… and to my horror and amusement, he spent the next five seconds showing me how easily he had figured out his latest escape route.

Hubby and I joke about him “testing the fences” like some sort of Jurassic Park attraction… but that’s exactly what the little man spends most of his time doing. He’s a problem solver, and it’s a little disheartening to realize that his life’s goal, at present, is to outsmart the humans. Well, that and eat all the food. And take all the naps. And be all the cute.

Strangely, Foggy is also very into technology. Most cats enjoy batting at wires, but our boy is really into taking selfies, checking out deals on Groupon, reading sitting and chewing on my new Kindle, and even helping me write my blog. He’s a regular swordsmith (read: the little guy makes them up all by himsel)!

tsupplygae,” agrees Foggy.

It won’t be long before things are back to normal, but this is the best blog post I can pull together for now. In the meantime, check out @ocarinajenn and @wsimpsonwrites on Twitter and Instagram for more #FoggyDays and #MorningsWithMisty posts and pics. And check out the Inklings Blog for hubby’s thoughts and tips on the editing process later this week.


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