This Blog Is A WIP

Three best friends. The coolest concert of their young lives. One summer to raise the funds.

When best friends Clara, Liz, and Julie decide to see their favorite band in concert at the end of August, little do they realize that surviving the lazy days of summer will be the hardest part! Summer jobs, summer fun, and summer love make for one summer they’ll never forget!
(More to come – this is one of the 3 comics I promised)
[Will Work 4 Tix] is going to be in comic book style… unless I feel it works better as a strip.
     – Me c. 2009


And that’s all she ever wrote.

Nearly every writer is familiar with the term “WIP” or Work In Progress. We’ve all got one or two (or twenty) that we tinker with from time to time. Some writers focus solely on a single project, while others spin many plates. Then, there are writers like me who have a graveyard full of prematurely buried darlings (some we’ve killed ourselves, and others we’ve merely neglected to death). Personally, I still consider them WIPs, though I’m not sure that “Work In Progress” quite fits the bill. Maybe they’re more like… “Writings In Purgatory.”

Over the years, I’ve started countless projects. Most of them have never been so lucky as to have completed their metamorphosis into actual drafts, but even the lucky ones were dropped shortly after that. Why? It’s hard to say. Most of my past writing, I wrote for myself or for a small group of friends to share. Once it was over and read, I had no ambition to publish it or share it beyond my intended audience. What reason would I have to share it further? Who would read it?

Another reason a lot of my WIPs fail to flourish is because I never take them past brainstorming. Sometimes, my ideas don’t even make it to paper. What sounded so good in my head suddenly sounded a lot better in my head once I start writing it down. Why don’t I just jot a few notes anyway? The sad truth is that I find I am afraid to start.

JennSimpsonPens is a WIP for me, though it’s definitely alive and breathing, unlike many of my other projects. I need to nourish it with ideas and feed it with words while I help it grow bigger and stronger. Of course, having a blog as a long-term WIP means putting in a lot of work, but I’m okay with that. Having a regular writing schedule is healthy (although coupling that with my brand of procrastination is less than ideal). Not only that, but having an outlet for expression helps spark the creativity within me… the same creativity that dares me to exhume those old projects, give them a jolt, and bring them back to life.

My objective with this biweekly blog is to keep my skills honed while still leaving time to focus on other things; whether that means starting new WIPs or digging up old ones, I’m not sure. If inspiration strikes, I may even update on the off-weeks (but for now, let’s call that a stretch goal). I’d like to thank you, dear reader, for keeping me accountable. You are my audience, and although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t writing for myself, I’m also writing for you, too. Thank you for joining me on my journey.

When you think about it, every one of us is a WIP, and that’s definitely a good thing. If we weren’t, we’d never learn or grow, and that would make life really boring. As for me, I like being a WIP. It means my story isn’t over yet; there’s still so much I have yet to discover, become, and accomplish.

Here’s to the future.

Here’s to the progress.




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